Friday, November 14, 2008

New 2m 30s Watchmen Trailer

The New 2m 30sec Trailer of Watchmen is out and it awesomeness meets sweetness !

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Aqua Hologram !

If you search for: "Japanese Aqua Hologram" at google you will find this video and 2 stories about it.

First Story: It was mage by a 4th Grader for his school project and got a "D" for that.

Now i don't belive this but i sure want to. I also know WHY he got a "D" from his teachers. Some of them are old enough and where alive during the Godzilla attack, so this project got back some bad memories :P
Also i want to point out that if he got a "D" for a project like that, I souldn't have graduated EVER with the projects i made when I was at school :))))

Second Story: To promote a monster movie, Sony Pictures installed a holographic rig in Tokyo Bay that projects the monster onto a haze of water. What you're seeing in the video wasn't added after the fact—that's actually what it looks like in real life. The feat uses a water screen (carefully sprayed water jet) and exact light projections to create a giant pseudo-3-D Loch Ness "Water Horse" monster in the bay.

Now this story I belive but I don't want to. The first one was cooler :)

Here is the Video