Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Software Review: Google Chrome

So many people, so many blogs, so many opinions about I have to try it myself cause they all got me confused. So here is my review to get all of you more confused :) !!!

1. It "IS" very fast. I don't have any tools to count chrome with mozilla to actually give you numbers but it is super fast.

2. It is very light as an application. Extremely light to be more exact. Then again so was my firefox when i ferst installed it before i add ... a few ... add-ons :)

3. It is open source so expect full support from the open source fun base. I expect a fun base somewhere like firefox add-ons fanbase in size if not bigger.

4. I did a test at a site that "ALWAYS" crashed my FireFox AND IE7 (didn't try IE8) when i tryed it. And guess what? It ALSO crashed GC. BUT not the full browser and the 4 tabs i had open to test it. It only crashed and closed that spesific tab. Now that was something i REALLY liked.

5. Well i only tested it GC for 30 mins so i can't say much more but I will use it for my default browser for a few days so i can check and report back again.

Hope this helped you. l8r.

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