Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What sould the first post be?

Now here is an interesting question "every" blogger asked him/her self early days.

What should i say first? First impressions are almost everything. If my first impression is not at least average then i am pretty much screwed. Well i know this cause i am a blog reader / podcast watched mainly and first time writer and I've seen too many blogs in my time to know that all bloggers feel like this. At start anyway.

So the best thing i came up with is to tell you all a bit about what I REALLY like and what you will be finding here mainly. That way you will get a clear picture of if you'll come back or not from the 1st post. Now that brilliant isn't it ? I know i am a genius :P but don't make a big deal out of it. So here we go:

Things i am VERY MUCH INTO and will follow/post a lot here:

* TV SHOWS: Some of my favorites are:

Drama/Comedy: House MD, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives
-HOUSE MD is so good it's currently on the top of my TV Series favorite list.

Comedy: Chuck, The Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, Rules of Engagement, Scrubs, Two and a Half Men, Friends, Will & Grace.
-My 2 all time favorite comedy series where Friends and Will & Grace. Since both ended after a 10 and 8 great year of fun, i now had to find a new comedy series. And i did. The Big Bang theory is cracking me out every time i see it.

Drama: Prison Break, Lost, Heroes
-What i really like about Prison Break and Lost is something other shows don't do. They end the episodes AT THE WORST POSSIBLE MOMENT!!! That's SO ANNOYING and so freaking awesome at the same time :)

Sci-Fi: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
-Oh yes! I am a BIG science fiction and Fantasy fun. I mean huge! BSG, SG-1 and SGA are my favorite shows for years before any other.

Reality Shows: Beauty and the Geek, American Gladiators
-You will notice some of the MAJOR reality show are not in my list. Like Idol, Dance and more. I generally don't watch them although i do see some of the videos at youtube so i am informed but not a real fun. Beauty and the Geek on the other hand is a reality i liked.

Documentaries: National Geographic, Horizon BBC, History Channel
-Huge documentaries. Seen too many of them. From the creation of earth to its end, Incas, Mayans, Aliens, World Wars, Time travel, you name it.

And ofc: The Simpsons and South Park.

Now here come the interesting part: I ACTUALLY SEEN ALL of those series , all the episodes and some of them more than once. Also i have seen way more that are either too bad or not worthy enough to mention.

* MOVIES: Some of my favorite movies are:
-Lord of the Rings Trilogy
-Matrix Trilogy
-Starwars (all 6)

From what you can see here i am in to good action films cause when i go to the movies i want to enjoy the super duper sized screen and the DTS sound system for action films and not drama. I get enough of drama from the TV shows :P

* GAMES: Some of my favorite games are:
-Computer games: World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Final Fantasy Series AND WAY MANY MORE.
I "WAS" playing world of warcraft for 3 years exclusively and ALL DAY. I sold my account in a desperate action to get away from that HIGHLY ADDICTIVE game and it worked. I am "WOW FREE" for 5 months now :) Why do you think i am finally starting a blog? I always wanted to but wow took ALL my time. Not any more.

-Board Games: Well if you can could Dungeons and Dragons as a board game then thats my favorite from like 10 years ago. I was a GM that everyone hated but always kept asking to master their sessions :) I was THAT good at fantasy mood creation but i have a flow when it comes to dices. If the dice say you died, you died. I never ever saw compation about that not even to my ex-girlfriend. Maybe thats why she is an EX :P Well we are still good friends but she doesn't play DnD with me anymore :) Now if DnD doesn't count as a board game then i like fun games like Jenga.


That's an easy one. I like ALL kinds off music. I am dead serious. I like EVERY KIND OF MUSIC. From Classic Motzart to Manowars Hail and Kill! And the wierd thing is i also don't have a time zone for what music to hear when. I wake up and am in a trance/elecrtro mood at the bathroom, 10 mins after i am hearing fantasy epic tracks and on the way to work i hear the new pop dance hits! Wierd ? Not for me.
Well ok there is just one kind of music i don't like at all and that the hard core death meatal music.... you know the one i am talking about... the one that you cannot understand one single word the singer is SCREAMING out. I mean the really bad ones. Not like whitesnake of manowar.

Well that's enough for the first post i think. I am very sure that i forgot something but you will have to come back for it cause i can't remember it now. (see how i am trying to make you all come back? Am i smart or what :P)

Till Later, take care all

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